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One Landscape Photography Lens to Rule Them All

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Landscape photography is a constant game of trade-offs. Do you travel light and comfortably to make sunrises at the mountain peak, or slow and heavy with all your gear? Will the weather accommodate switching lenses once you're there? Inevitably, your choices make the difference between getting the shot and missing it.

What if I told you there was another choice, one that allowed you to travel light and never miss a shot. That's exactly what Henry Turner Photography proposes. In this video, Henry discusses the merits of marrying the Nikon 24–200 superzoom lens with Nikon Z7 camera body.

While superzoom lenses have gained a poor reputation for optical performance in the past, this is the present. This lens offers a practical alternative to carrying multiple, heavy lenses that cover the same focal length. As always, there are some tradeoffs, such as a slight drop off in sharpness at 24 mm, but for us the pros outweigh the cons. Like Henry, I now go into the field with a Nikon Z7 body and the 24–200 lens. This may not the the best lens for landscape photography, but it's the best lens for my needs, and that's what matters. What's your ideal landscape photography setup?


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