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The photography blog that showcases the best of European photography locations, and teaches you how to take, and edit pictures like a pro.



See Europe through the lens

We showcase the best photography locations across Europe, giving you a chance to see why it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You'll find inspiration for your next vacation and learn how to take great pictures yourself.

Learn from local photographers

We interview local photographers from across Europe and learn their secrets. From capturing sunrise in Paris, to spotting the Northern Lights in Iceland, our photographer community are here to teach you how they do it.

Discover new destinations

Picture of Europe provides inspiration for your next destination with articles on where to go (and where not to go) and what to see as well as country guides dedicated solely to the best locations for photography.

Popular Destinations

Have you ever been on a trip and wondered what the best places to take pictures are? Our location guides detail some of the best places to take pictures in Europe, as well as some of the most popular locations for photography enthusiasts.



Explore Ireland 

Ireland is a magical place, from the anciest east to the wild atlantic west. With ancient oaks, picturesque castles, glacial lakes, and mountain peaks, Ireland is a landscape photographers dream.



Explore Italy

Italy is a country that has an abundance of sights and sounds. It’s a photographer’s paradise with a vast array of locations such as the Dolomites and picturesque Tuscany to choose from. 



Explore Britain

The best photography locations in Britain are found in the highland mountains of Scotland, the woodlands of England, and waterfalls of Wales. Prepare yourself for an adventure in the land of king Arthur and visit the associated locations.  



Explore Norway

Norway is a country with many natural wonders. It is the home of fjords, glaciers and the northern lights. The best photography locations in Norway are the ones which offer a diverse range of landscapes and natural beauty.


Featured Image of Europe


Dun Briste

Along the rugged coast of Ireland lies the Atlantic Way. This route is a photographers dream with stunning seascapes, majestic mountains, and wild waterfalls at every turn. 

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