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Our Favourite European Landscape Photographers

Lough key Ireland

The continent of Europe is diverse. From the snow capped mountains of Norway to the green and rolling hills of Tuscany, the craggy shores of Ireland to the beaches of the Mediterranean, there is a world of adventure and beauty to keep any photographer busy.

This list will help you find inspiration and top talent to follow when it comes to the best landscape photographers in Europe. Some day, you might even add your own name to the list. 


Nigel Danson 

Known for a painterly style, Nigel is a British landscape photographer who shares his passion and knowledge of the craft through weekly videos on his youtube channel. Nigel also runs the world landscape photographer competition which is raising money for the Ukraine Crisis Appeal of the Red Cross. It was thanks to one of Nigel's videos that we got interested in the wonderful art form of photography. 




Mads Peter Iverson 

Mads is a Danish photographer with a passion for Northern European landscapes. His work captures the epic, and often harsh landscapes of northern countries like Iceland, The Faroe Islands, and Norway, and the slightly calmer, peaceful woodlands and forests of Denmark and the Britain.

With a master's degree in educational philosophy, Mads runs a YouTube channel focused on the educational side of landscape photography, which we highly recommend.



Kai Hornung 

Kai Hornung is a landscape photographer based in Hanover, Germany. He has a gift for capturing captivating abstract scenes through the natural world, as well as breath taking vistas. It was his shot of Iceland below which first brought Kai to our attention. He is running workshops across Europe in 2022 in Germany, Iceland, and Madeira. They are booking out fast, get involved while you can! 



Daniel Laan

More of a woodland elf than a photographer, Daniel has an incredible ability to add magic to majestic trees through his art. A scroll through his website is like a stroll through middle earth. To create the same effects in Photoshop, Daniel sells very affordable created educational content to on which is available through his website.



Sabine Weisse

Sabine is a full time engineer and part time photographer, and we would love to see her fully dedicated to photography. An incredible talent, you can follow her work on instagram or 500px



Daniel Kordan

For many Daniel Kordan not just a landscape photographer, he is the landscape photographer. Daniels art can only be described as dream like, using low contrast and playful colour to create new worlds and capture stories of adventure. We've taken some of his online tutorials (daniel kordan masterclass) and absolutely loved them.



What unites all these photographers is their passion for nature which shines through in their work. While this is our list our favourite photographers there's amazing talent everywhere, who else do you think should be represented in this list?


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