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About Us

Our Mission 

At our core, we are passionately committed to promoting and championing the immense cultural diversity found across Europe, but also highlight the awe-inspiring beauty of its wilderness. We aim to promote the protection of Europes natural sanctuaries, and photography practices that ensure the survival of indigenous wildlife and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations to cherish and explore.

Our logo reflects our mission and values:

  • Blue for the European Union 
  • The shape of the camera viewfinder
  • The spiral of uniting cultures
  • The tree representing our commitment to the natural world 
  • The DIN typeface in respect of local laws 

Our Values 


Leave locations better than you found them 

We believe in leaving no trace, and leaving locations better than we find them. This means leaving the site with all that you brought, and any rubbish or trash you may encounter.


Wildlife is Wild

We believe in being observers of Wildlife only, and will not disturb or disrupt the natural world. Baiting wildlife is not acceptable. You may require a license to photograph animals on, or near their breeding area. 


Respect Local Culture and Law

Local laws across European countries vary, and ignorance is not an excuse. We encourage understanding the local laws of European countries before travelling to understand the cultural and legal impact of street photography and drone use. 

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The Brandenburg Gate at night, in Berlin, Germany.


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Toledo, Spain old town cityscape at the Alcazar.


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